I, as a veteran and a woman, feel Dave Koller stands by me and my family.  My sisters and brothers who served and are serving now are humans that need to make it in this world health wise and financially.  The human aspect of our military gets lost in the slogan; “support the troops.”  What does that slogan mean to you?  Support “troops,” what are troops?  Well, to me “troops” are humans that made a choice to serve in one of our branches of service.  The human troop is a person that needs to be fed, clothed, housed and has a family life.  This “troop” makes a decision to be educated in a field of study that will lead to advancement.  This “troop” may decide the medical field, cook, administrative field, sea fields, mechanics, or infantry etc… The different branches have their chosen names for the career fields that are offered.  The “troop” will start at a lower pay grade and in time be promoted according to the rules set by that branch of service.  And, some “troops” will be “in the line of fire,” while others will “flip” burgers.  ALL will be paid according to their pay grade and some will receive extra income such as; hazardous duty pay or sea pay. Mr. Dave Koller  understands the human aspect of our veterans and active duty military.  Slogans are for those ignorant of the human nature of those who made a decision to serve.  Waving a flag and stating to support the troops does not mean that you actually do support  our service members.  Passing around ignorant memes comparing service members pay to civilian wages show to me your lack of  knowledge in this area.  The cook does deserve to be paid according to his/her pay grade as does the infantry person. Your vote shows to me whether you support our veterans and active service members.  Voting for a republican is nationalism only!  A vote for the flag and our military industrial complex, that’s it!  Voting for Mr. Dave Koller (D) for congress is really showing you support our service members and their families.  Voting for Mr. Dave Koller  is a vote for veterans, honoring those who served.  Do your research and look at the voting records of those waving the flag and claiming to support “the troops.”  You will see the hypocrisy for yourselves. I am a veteran and I support our service members and our veterans!  I support Mr. Dave Koller (D) for Congress!


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