Helping people feel their best and look their best is rewarding.  I have met numerous people who told me how exhausted and helpless they felt and I was able to relate to that feeling because that used to be me.   I started to have seizures a few years ago.  I know that years of stress played it’s ruthless toll on my body.  I have had Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (delayed onset) and Military Sexual Trauma (MST) for decades, and yes it sure wore out my body, and played endless games with my mind.  I am not alone, thousands of veterans walk my experience.  It is a horror that continues because congress needs to act to end the violence. My sister introduced my to a company that cares about healthy living without judging how you arrived at your current condition.  We all have walked difference paths and sometimes we need help from others to help us get to where we want to be, or get our dreams back.  As a child, when I thought about aging, I was  going to be one of the healthy active people.  Then life got in the way, challenge upon challenge, and before I knew it, decades went by and here I am, and now what? Since my body’s issue was weight loss and the health issues I had from decades of traumatic stress on my body, I wanted to know how I could achieve the goal of weight loss with a body that was falling apart from traumatic stress and the recent seizures.  My sister loves me and knows my life story and was eager to help me.  So we got started with Nutritional Cleansing, and today I have lost weight and feel energetic, which is amazing for me.  I have not had a seizure since I started this program. A product called Ionix Supreme helps with my stress issue and I feel it was created just for me!  Releasing the deadly toxins has completely renewed by body and has created a new vision for my life. I feel great, because you feel great is how I feel and is my life mission.  I want everyone to feel better and get your dreams back! I feel like I am living a miracle, pinch me someone, lol.

– Dolores Peers


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