Dolores Peers

Bio: I am retired from the U.S. Coast Guard and reside in Spring Hill, FL. I am a proud parent of a beautiful teenage daughter and have two English Mastiffs; Mary Jane and Carly Sue. My parents moved to Spring Hill, FL in the late 1980’s upon my father’s retirement. While I was stationed in Miami, Florida, I would drive up to Spring Hill to visit my parents. Yes, the area has greatly changed and grown from that time period. Sadly, both my parents have passed away. I moved down to this area with my spouse Harold Scism and our daughter Tatiana. We at that time had our beautiful lab mix Cleo, whom has since passed away. Harold had a landscaping and pond-building business. Harold’s interest in nature goes back to his grandfather and other relatives that were farmers. I am in many groups on Facebook and have connected with many wonderful people from all over. I am active with the Military Sexual Trauma awareness cause. This issue is personal to me. While I was assigned to my first duty station, upon graduation from boot camp, I experienced sexual violence. The crime was a violent act by a petty officer in charge of barracks security, he had the keys to all the rooms. There was evidence and I was traumatized. Afterwards, I was assigned to a new duty station and the offender was discharged from the service. I was also threatened that if I told anyone that my face would be cut up with a knife. This issue is still a problem in all branches of the military. Both men and women are victimized by heterosexual offenders. Sexual violence is an act of power and control. The military branches all fail in providing a safe environment for its service members. Foreclosure fraud is an epidemic that has spiraled out of control due to the average person not understanding that fraud has been committed upon them by servicing companies and banks. The courts are SLOW to get onboard with bank fraud. I started a page on Facebook; “Fraudclosure Warriors.” Wrongful Convictions anger me to know end. Our legal system has destroyed our country; there is no “liberty and justice for all.” Closing a case and getting a conviction seems to be the role of the prosecutor. Truth plays no role, doing research to assure that a crime was actually committed and collecting evidence to back a case plays no role, anyone will due, next. I am in many Facebook groups and have read many cases where no evidence was needed to convict a person. This is not how taxpayers want their money spent. We have seen many cases where decades went by before a person was exonerated, decades in prison while innocent. Judicial immunity and prosecutor immunity needs to end. Imagine being immune from wrongdoing at your place of employment, well, taxpayers permit judges and prosecutors to be immune from wrongdoing. Law enforcement has their role in wrongful convictions by not performing a thorough investigation to assure that a crime was committed and if so; they have the right person. Again, push to arrest and convict. While I was stationed in Miami, FL, I performed administrative duties for the Coast Guard Investigations Office. I learned that after an interrogation, as performed with the Reid Form of Interrogation, investigative work is required because of false confessions that easily occur due to many factors. Confessions that occur during interrogations do not make them a fact or a true confession. We have a major problem with our civilian detectives that do not perform investigative work after the interrogation process. This has happened throughout the United States and we are now seeing many people released from prison that were innocent yet detectives, the courts, and the media claimed the person confessed. It was a false confession, that years later or decades later evidence came forth that proved the person innocent. We have a case right here in Hernando County that has affected my family, especially my daughter who loves and misses her dad. Birthdays and holidays go by and she prayers that maybe next year the courts will realize their wrong and her father will be home. There was no evidence nor DNA evidence in this case. The wrongful conviction of her father occurred during the time Richard Nugent was our Sheriff. It is obvious that corruption occurred during Mr. Nugent’s reign of terror as Sheriff. I am also a network marketing professional. I love the people and how this industry has helped so many people in so many ways. I am on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Google.

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