More and more innocent people are being released from prison after spending decades in prison for a crime they did not commit. Why??? One reason is the “Reid form of Interrogation.”  Detectives will interrogate a person to get THEIR  chosen end result. The detective is later supposed to investigate the interrogation to see if it holds any merit with collecting evidence and DNA evidence. Because it is sooo easy to get a confession with this form of interrogation, evidence is needed to back it up.

Career hungry detectives and prosecutors manipulate the system to close a case and receive brownie points!  Wow!!! There you have it; innocent people confess to a crime they did not commit and the legal system all the way up NEVER investigate for substantial evidence.

For profit private county jails and prisons PROFIT by filling up beds.  The more arrests and convictions, the happier the shareholders.

Years and years go by for an innocent person who is convicted. The appeal system is long and it feels like forever. Families suffer while their family member is incarcerated.  Children go without a parent and families experience so much hardship.

Harold Scism, of Hernando County, FL, is going through the appeals system at the moment seeking Habeas Corpus Relief. The newspapers printed an uncorroborated story.  The family and those that know Mr. Scism read the lies printed. There is no evidence nor DNA evidence in this case.  A corrupt tape was made by Detective Banks that he NEVER performed follow-up work on to corroborate the tape. The media never performed investigative work. In the end, an innocent man was convicted of a crime that NEVER occurred.  Mr. Scism’s family and friends are upset. His daughter is upset and does not have her father in her life. Hardship and pain is the end result, and I question, why???  Why me and my family?  The same as others who are experiencing the same pain and misery.  Why?

The interrogation system needs to end because of the fraudulent actions of our legal system.  It is wrong to set-up innocent people for incarceration and profit.  Representative Richard Nugent (R) was sheriff at the time.

– Dolores Peers



Helping people feel their best and look their best is rewarding.  I have met numerous people who told me how exhausted and helpless they felt and I was able to relate to that feeling because that used to be me.   I started to have seizures a few years ago.  I know that years of stress played it’s ruthless toll on my body.  I have had Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (delayed onset) and Military Sexual Trauma (MST) for decades, and yes it sure wore out my body, and played endless games with my mind.  I am not alone, thousands of veterans walk my experience.  It is a horror that continues because congress needs to act to end the violence. My sister introduced my to a company that cares about healthy living without judging how you arrived at your current condition.  We all have walked difference paths and sometimes we need help from others to help us get to where we want to be, or get our dreams back.  As a child, when I thought about aging, I was  going to be one of the healthy active people.  Then life got in the way, challenge upon challenge, and before I knew it, decades went by and here I am, and now what? Since my body’s issue was weight loss and the health issues I had from decades of traumatic stress on my body, I wanted to know how I could achieve the goal of weight loss with a body that was falling apart from traumatic stress and the recent seizures.  My sister loves me and knows my life story and was eager to help me.  So we got started with Nutritional Cleansing, and today I have lost weight and feel energetic, which is amazing for me.  I have not had a seizure since I started this program. A product called Ionix Supreme helps with my stress issue and I feel it was created just for me!  Releasing the deadly toxins has completely renewed by body and has created a new vision for my life. I feel great, because you feel great is how I feel and is my life mission.  I want everyone to feel better and get your dreams back! I feel like I am living a miracle, pinch me someone, lol.

– Dolores Peers


I, as a veteran and a woman, feel Dave Koller stands by me and my family.  My sisters and brothers who served and are serving now are humans that need to make it in this world health wise and financially.  The human aspect of our military gets lost in the slogan; “support the troops.”  What does that slogan mean to you?  Support “troops,” what are troops?  Well, to me “troops” are humans that made a choice to serve in one of our branches of service.  The human troop is a person that needs to be fed, clothed, housed and has a family life.  This “troop” makes a decision to be educated in a field of study that will lead to advancement.  This “troop” may decide the medical field, cook, administrative field, sea fields, mechanics, or infantry etc… The different branches have their chosen names for the career fields that are offered.  The “troop” will start at a lower pay grade and in time be promoted according to the rules set by that branch of service.  And, some “troops” will be “in the line of fire,” while others will “flip” burgers.  ALL will be paid according to their pay grade and some will receive extra income such as; hazardous duty pay or sea pay. Mr. Dave Koller  understands the human aspect of our veterans and active duty military.  Slogans are for those ignorant of the human nature of those who made a decision to serve.  Waving a flag and stating to support the troops does not mean that you actually do support  our service members.  Passing around ignorant memes comparing service members pay to civilian wages show to me your lack of  knowledge in this area.  The cook does deserve to be paid according to his/her pay grade as does the infantry person. Your vote shows to me whether you support our veterans and active service members.  Voting for a republican is nationalism only!  A vote for the flag and our military industrial complex, that’s it!  Voting for Mr. Dave Koller (D) for congress is really showing you support our service members and their families.  Voting for Mr. Dave Koller  is a vote for veterans, honoring those who served.  Do your research and look at the voting records of those waving the flag and claiming to support “the troops.”  You will see the hypocrisy for yourselves. I am a veteran and I support our service members and our veterans!  I support Mr. Dave Koller (D) for Congress!

Last step to freedom


PR – Mellen notice



September 18, 2014
Contact: Deirdre O’Connor
Cell: (310) 780-4522

TORRANCE, CA. – Innocence Matters filed a Petition for Writ of Habeas Corpus for Susan Mellen on September 18.  This is one of the last steps before Ms. Mellen’s release.

Ms. Mellen was wrongfully connected to a gruesome murder 17 years ago solely on the word of a notorious pathological liar, June Patti, who fabricated a confession and attributed it to Ms. Mellen.  Until 2014, many assumed there was some truth to Patti’s claims.  Ms. Mellen was wrongfully convicted and sentenced to life without parole on June 5, 1998.

Innocence Matters began investigating Ms. Mellen’s case in November 2013.  Three months later, Innocence Matters brought its evidence of innocence to the Los Angeles District Attorney…

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Dolores Peers

I am retired from the U.S. Coast Guard and reside in Spring Hill, FL. I am a proud parent of a beautiful teenage daughter and have two English Mastiffs; Mary Jane and Carly Sue.  My parents moved to Spring Hill, FL in the late 1980’s upon my father’s retirement.  While I was stationed in Miami, Florida, I would drive up to Spring Hill to visit my parents.  Yes, the area has greatly changed and grown from that time period.  Sadly, both my parents have passed away.

I moved down to this area with my spouse Harold Scism and our daughter Tatiana. We at that time had our beautiful lab mix Cleo, whom has since passed away.  Harold had a landscaping and pond-building business. Harold’s interest in nature goes back to his grandfather and other relatives that were farmers. I am in many groups on Facebook and have connected with many wonderful people from all over. I am active with the Military Sexual Trauma awareness cause. This issue is personal to me.  While I was assigned to my first duty station, upon graduation from boot camp, I experienced sexual violence.  The crime was a violent act by a petty officer in charge of barracks security, he had the keys to all the rooms.  There was evidence and I was traumatized.  Afterwards, I was assigned to a new duty station and the offender was discharged from the service.  I was also threatened that if I told anyone that my face would be cut up with a knife.  This issue is still a problem in all branches of the military.  Both men and women are victimized by heterosexual offenders.  Sexual violence is an act of power and control.  The military branches all fail in providing a safe environment for its service members. Foreclosure fraud is an epidemic that has spiraled out of control due to the average person not understanding that fraud has been committed upon them by servicing companies and banks. The courts are SLOW to get onboard with bank fraud. I started a page on Facebook; “Fraudclosure Warriors.” Wrongful Convictions anger me to know end. Our legal system has destroyed our country; there is no “liberty and justice for all.”  Closing a case and getting a conviction seems to be the role of the prosecutor. Truth plays no role, doing research to assure that a crime was actually committed and collecting evidence to back a case plays no role, anyone will due, next.  I am in many Facebook groups and have read many cases where no evidence was needed to convict a person.  This is not how taxpayers want their money spent.  We have seen many cases where decades went by before a person was exonerated, decades in prison while innocent.  Judicial immunity and prosecutor immunity needs to end.  Imagine being immune from wrongdoing at your place of employment, well, taxpayers permit judges and prosecutors to be immune from wrongdoing. Law enforcement has their role in wrongful convictions by not performing a thorough investigation to assure that a crime was committed and if so; they have the right person. Again, push to arrest and convict. While I was stationed in Miami, FL, I performed administrative duties for the Coast Guard Investigations Office. I learned that after an interrogation, as performed with the Reid Form of Interrogation, investigative work is required because of false confessions that easily occur due to many factors.  Confessions that occur during interrogations do not make them a fact or a true confession.  We have a major problem with our civilian detectives that do not perform investigative work after the interrogation process.  This has happened throughout the United States and we are now seeing many people released from prison that were innocent yet detectives, the courts, and the media claimed the person confessed.  It was a false confession, that years later or decades later evidence came forth that proved the person innocent.  We have a case right here in Hernando County that has affected my family, especially my daughter who loves and misses her dad. Birthdays and holidays go by and she prayers that maybe next year the courts will realize their wrong and her father will be home. There was no evidence nor DNA evidence in this case. The wrongful conviction of her father occurred during the time Richard Nugent was our Sheriff.  It is obvious that corruption occurred during Mr. Nugent’s reign of terror as Sheriff. I am also a network marketing professional.  I love the people and how this industry has helped so many people in so many ways.  I am on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Google.