I reside in a sinkhole area of Spring Hill, Fl. My driveway is cracked, the cracks spread through the garage to the kitchen to the outside pool area. The other side of the property has sunken in areas that are just waiting to collapse. There are cracks on the floor throughout this 3 bedroom, 2 bath home and poolside lanai area.

I am also a victim of bank servicing fraud.  Select Portfolio Servicing company is claiming that there is a loan on this home that I own. I tried to communicate with them but cannot because the social security number associated with this account is unknown to me.

It seems that I would have to declare bankruptcy to have the court investigate whose social security number is associated with my home.  There are no payments being made by whomevers social security number is linked to my home. The big question is why is some unknown person’s social security number linked to my home?